Quick Tips for Dining Out Paleo

scallops and vegetables


  • Most places will serve burgers and other sandwiches without bun/bread/sauces if you ask — whether or not this is mentioned on the menu.  I get naked burgers all the time!
  • There are usually clean salad options.  Salmon is a personal favorite as it is more likely to be wild/natural than unspecified chicken, beef, etc.  Remember to omit cheese and  croutons which are often standard.  To avoid questionable ingredients in dressings you can ask for a lemon wedge and/or olive oil instead, omit entirely, or in many cases opt for a simple vinaigrette (but be aware that many are made with soy or canola oil rather than olive.)
  • You can generally request a side of vegetables instead of potatoes or rice.  It will likely be uninspired and mushy, but then so would the potatoes or rice.  🙂
  • Give the manager or chef at your favorite restaurant a copy of Paleo for Restaurants. It offers simple ideas and resources for becoming more paleo-friendly.


Tips for restaurant managers