Knowledge Evolves

Joe Disch

a REVERSIBLE poem about nutrition by Joe Disch (Read top to bottom for the “standard advice”, then from bottom to top to update it!)   Our elders’ wisdom is finally being reconsidered Modern foods are healthier No longer do we simply accept The habits of those who came before us Now … Continue reading

Madison is getting a paleo bakery!

vanilla salted caramel cupcake

I’m excited to announce that Madison will soon have it’s first grain-free, dairy-free bakery. Beginning September 7th, you’ll be able to pre-order cupcakes and other treats that are not only gluten free but also free of grains, dairy (except butter), soy, refined sugar, and utilizing only healthier fats like coconut oil … Continue reading

What’s In Your Coconut Milk?

Willy Street Co-op (East store) Madison, WI

I’m one of those people who consider coconut milk something of a staple.  I’ve been known to travel with it for use in hotel/restaurant coffee.  Until recently, I had to choose between the brands in BPA-free cans and the ones without problematic additives like guar gum and carrageenan. Estrogenic activity … Continue reading

Genetic engineering is not paleo

GMOs are so not paleo.  Grok didn’t consciously meddle with the genetics of his food sources through selective breeding, and he certainly didn’t use chemicals or viruses to insert specific genes from one species into another.  The former was born of the age of agriculture, and the latter only within the … Continue reading

New: Restaurant Directory!

Madison Paleo logo is proud to announce our new Guide to Madison area restaurants. This is a searchable database of local eating establishments featuring notes on options for paleo diners, and tips for improving your experience there. This is an ever-growing and continually updated collection, and your input is key to making … Continue reading

Welcome to Madison Paleo

Madison Paleo logo

Finally, a comprehensive resource for Madison-area Paleos and people who feed them! Are you a hungry Badger struggling to find grass-fed beef, organic vegetables, or coconut flour?  Feel like our hundreds of restaurants all specialize in fried cheese?  Looking to connect with like-minded folks to share tips, recipes and perhaps a … Continue reading

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