What’s In Your Coconut Milk?

Willy Street Co-op (East store) Madison, WI

I’m one of those people who consider coconut milk something of a staple.  I’ve been known to travel with it for use in hotel/restaurant coffee.  Until recently, I had to choose between the brands in BPA-free cans and the ones without problematic additives like guar gum and carrageenan.

Estrogenic activity from BPA has been linked to diabetes, ADHD, endocrine problems, heart disease, infertility and cancer.  Guar gum and carrageenan have been associated with a variety of digestive issues, and more than a trace of guar makes my tummy unpleasantly gurgly.

Great news:  Natural Value has finally brought to market a canned coconut milk free of all these things, and if you live near Madison you can get it at the Willy Street Co-op!  (I may have a had a little tiny bit to do with this.)  It’s been available for a while by mail, but I’m happy I can now get it at the grocery store!


Since it’s just organic coconut and water, it’s not as inexplicably smooth as the other canned milks – more like homemade, actually.  Delicious coconutty taste, nice fat content, and well worth a little extra stir to avoid those extra chemicals.



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4 thoughts on “What’s In Your Coconut Milk?”

  1. NV brand seems very, um, chunky compared to most others. But, you get used to it. Think of it as a cheaper version of “bulletproof” coffee, if you use it that way. Although, the people at my co-op did look at me a little funny when I ordered a whole case of it at a time. Meh, vegans…

    1. Yes, the texture is different, and some people may not like that it doesn’t stay dissolved in drinks. Personally, I think the startlingly fresher taste and lack of additives are worth it!

  2. Missed this when you posted originally. Get it by the case on amazon. Good to know we can get it locally now. The best brand by far if you want the creamy part since there is so much more compared to Aroy-D and obviously more than Trader Joe’s Lite (the two other additive free brands I’ve found locally). Thanks for sharing!

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