Paleo grocery display

“Hunting and gathering” in and around Madison is getting easier all the time, but many paleo newbies still find certain basic items challenging. Here are some local purveyors to check out, as well as links to stuff you can mail order. Also, don’t forget about farmer’s markets and CSAs.


Willy Street Co-op, Madison, Wisconsin   Willy Street Co-op

I may be biased (I work there) but I think this is one of the best places to find grass fed meats (including lard, bones, and offal) and organic produce (Try the hard-to find white-inside Japanese sweet potatoes!) You can also find soy-free eggs, non-grain flours (almond, coconut, tapioca), coconut milk without additives, paleo-friendly mayos & dressings, sweet potato or plantain chips made with coconut oil, Epic bars, and other cool stuff. Hot bar in the deli often features grain-free main dishes. Paleo Mama baked goods are carried, including paleo cookies, cupcakes, cheesecakes, and granolas. Willy’s own bakery doesn’t do much grain-free stuff yet (try the pan di higo) but maybe if enough people request it we’ll see more.  The (outsourced) seafood center has good wild-caught fish options.  Anyone can shop, but owners get discounts and other benefits.

Whole Foods

Another great place for meat, seafood, and specialty items. Some locations have a paleo hot bar.

Conscious Carnivore

Full service natural butcher shop. Teaches butchering and cooking classes!

Members-only club store offers good prices on larger packages of things. They carry some organic produce, some grass-fed beef and wild sea food, nuts, coconut oil, and more, as well as selected paleo books. They also sell a machine for making soft-serve dessert from nothing but bananas and/or other fruit.

Trader Joe’s

Thin selection of mostly store brand groceries, but including some bargains on pastured meats and dairy, nuts and chocolate, oils, etc.

Pick'n Save, DeForest, WisconsinWoodman’s, Hyvee, Metcalfe’s/Sentry, Fresh Madison MarketPick-n-Save

All pretty standard grocery stores, each with an increasing assortment of organic produce and various other items of interest.  None are really a paleo wonderland, but worth checking for a particular item you can’t find. With constructive encouragement, they will improve. Woodman’s is notable for the sheer number of products carried. Hyvee, Metcalfe’s, and Fresh Madison Market carry Paleo Mama Bakery items. Check baking aisle for healthiest nut options (raw macadamias, etc.)


Mail order options if you can’t find what you’re looking for:

Grass-fed Jerky

Coconut Oil

Coconut Milk

Coconut Flour

Grass Fed Beef

Nut Flours

Extremely Dark Chocolate

Paleo Snacks


EQUIPMENT   If you need any new cooking tools, like a cast-iron pan, or maybe an electric spiralizer for making zoodles extra fast, check out my curated collection on