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Joe's paleo birthday cake

Joe's paleo birthday cakeMy name is Joe Disch.  I live in DeForest, Wisconsin, and I work at the Willy Street Co-op in Madison, where I’ve presented multiple staff trainings on paleo/primal and grain-free eating.  I’ve been happily following a 95% paleo diet since the end of 2011.

I definitely feel better eating this way than I did on the grain and soy based vegetarian diet I once believed in.  However, I’m not here to recruit anyone.  If you want to delve deeply into the “why” of eating paleo, check out one of the many books, videos or blogs (see blogroll in right sidebar) by the real experts.

This site is for people who know they want to get off the grain/dairy/starch/sugar train and just need some help finding good grub and connecting with fellow travelers.  My family isn’t paleo at this time, so you might see me buying milk, bread, etc.  Everyone makes their own choices, and that’s a good thing.

You might also be interested in these additional sites, which are also mine:

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I’m available to speak to your group about the paleo diet: $50 (+ travel) for up to two hours

I’m also available for private consultation on making your restaurant or other foodservice operation more appealing to customers who follow paleo or primal type diets: $20 per hour (+ travel.)

Email me for more information.



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