Paleo books at Frugal Muse

General Paleo

Practical Paleo If I had to pick just one paleo book for everyone, this would be it. Attractive, thorough, and easy to read. Lots of handy tips and lists, and be sure to check out the poop page!

The Paleo Solution The first paleo book I read, and still my personal favorite. Robb has since tweaked a few ideas as new information became available, but the underlying message is still the bedrock of the paleo lifestyle. Read this book if you want to understand the “why”.

Everyday Paleo Another excellent place to start, especially for moms and families. Balance of introductory information, cooking, and fitness.

Your Personal Paleo Code Chris has an amazing talent for explaining complex biological processes in easy to understand terms. Here he talks about customizing the paleo template to fit your personal biology and lifestyle.

Cook Books

Paleo Takeout My favorite paleo cookbook! Copies of takeout favorites without the junk, and a side of cooking school. Beautiful design and photography too. Index looks like a takeout menu!

Paleo Slow Cooking The slow cooker (Crock pot, Insta-pot, etc.) makes paleo much easier, especially on those days when you don’t think you have time to prepare real food. Here’s a good selection of recipes and tips to get you started.

Gather Beautiful coffee-table style cookbook featuring elegant recipes for entertaining.

Everyday Paleo: Thai Cuisine My favorite food before paleo was Thai, and this book gives me the confidence to bring it back. Sarah traveled to Thailand for in-depth research to get all the details right.

Special Audiences

Paleo Girl Diet, fitness, and lifestyle tips for teenage girls who want out of the madness of the junk food/starvation diet rollercoaster.

The Paleo Approach Introduction to the paleo Auto-Immune Protocol (AIP), an elimination diet that temporarily excludes certain otherwise-paleo foods suspected of triggering autoimmune response in susceptible people.

Cholesterol Clarity Straight talk about cholesterol and why you may have been given outdated information. Discussion of the low carb high fat (LCHF) diet. Lots of citations for further research.

Paleo for Restaurants My own guide for restaurants that want to keep customers when they decide to reject grains and other neolithic foods