Chris Kresser on avoiding toxins

Someone recently asked me to recommend a basic book on Paleo, and I hesitated because it’s hard to single one out as the “best” starting place for everyone. Any of the titles on my books page would be a fair introduction. Had I read this article, though, I’d be tempted to say “start here– then pick a book.” This may be the most concise summary I’ve seen of the top level bullet points. I’m becoming a big fan of Chris Kresser lately, and this is some of his finest work:

Beyond Paleo: Don’t Eat Toxins, by Chris Kresser

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I've been paleo since approximately December 2011.

2 thoughts on “Chris Kresser on avoiding toxins”

  1. Been evolving into a paleo inspired diet over the last 6-9 months.

    Glad to find at least the start of a local resource. Been following a group in San Francisco on Facebook that I hooked up with when I was out there this summer. Thanks, Kevin

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