Welcome new and returning students!

A special welcome to new and returning students, and other Madison newcomers!  People think of Mad town as being half vegetarian, half fried cheese and beer — but we have a growing and friendly paleo/primal population as well.

Wondering where to shop or dine out?  Check out our resources page as a starting point.  And don’t be shy asking questions or letting us in on your own discoveries.  Like and subscribe to our free mailing list for updates.  Lots more coming soon!

New: Restaurant Directory!

MadisonPaleo.com is proud to announce our new Guide to Madison area restaurants. This is a searchable database of local eating establishments featuring notes on options for paleo diners, and tips for improving your experience there.

This is an ever-growing and continually updated collection, and your input is key to making it the best it can be!  So let us know what you like (and don’t like) at your favorite spots, as well as any additional features you’d like to see!

Please be patient as this is a brand new feature. We expect updates to happen at least a few times a week. I hope one day soon we’ll see our first true paleo restaurant, or at least a food cart, but until then let’s work together to find and celebrate the cleanest options available in this land of deep-fried cheese curds! Bon appetit!