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Finally, a comprehensive resource for Madison-area Paleos and people who feed them!

Are you a hungry Badger struggling to find grass-fed beef, organic vegetables, or coconut flour?  Feel like our hundreds of restaurants all specialize in fried cheese?  Looking to connect with like-minded folks to share tips, recipes and perhaps a NorCal margarita*?  Whether you’re new to Mad City or a lifelong resident, we’ll help you find find what you’re looking for!

The site officially opens in late August, but feel free to wander around the construction site for a sneak peek – just don’t expect everything to work yet.  Be sure to bookmark us so you can come back when we’re ready, or better yet: register your email address and we’ll send you a proper invitation.  Comments and suggestions are more than welcome any time.

* Yes, I know alcohol doesn’t fit most people’s definition of paleo, but this is Wisconsin after all, and if it’s close enough for Robb Wolf…  

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Author: Paleo Joe

I've been paleo since approximately December 2011.

5 thoughts on “Welcome to Madison Paleo”

  1. A clarification for you – eating Paleo is not always safe for those of us with celiac disease – cross-contamination is a serious issue for us. It’s necessary to ask the server to let the kitchen know that the person ordering the food has a serious allergy = clean the work surface, grill, before preparing food, change gloves, etc. Even a few crumbs of gluten in our food will cause serious consequences! In other words, picking the croutons off a salad just won’t do for us. Cooking our burger on a grill where you just toasted a bun can make us sick. I have gotten sick so many times in restaurants when I didn’t want to make a fuss and just ordered what I thought was “safe” to eat. I agree that a “clean” plate of Paleo food is wonderful – especially if I know the kitchen took care not to contaminate it.

    1. Thank you for your response. You are absolutely correct: Some people react so strongly to gluten that even a crumb can cause a very serious reaction. These folks must take the sort of extreme precautions you describe any time they dare eat out, even then risking serious illness should some detail be overlooked. I’m of the Robb Wolf school of thought that gluten probably causes some trouble for most people whether they realize it or not, and this site is directed at a wide paleo audience with a variety of tolerance levels. However, in no way do I want to minimize the plight of diagnosed Celiac patients and others with more acute reactions. As I say on the Restaurants page “In particular, don’t rely on the accuracy of details which are medically or nutritionally non-negotiable for you, such as whether they use bread crumbs in their burgers, milk in a sauce, etc. This is only a resource for finding possible options.” On the other hand, your comment has brought to my attention an opportunity to clarify my statement to restauranteurs: “Understand that true paleo also works for people avoiding gluten due to Celiac disease or other sensitivities, low-carb diets (Atkins, etc.), peanut and soy allergies, lactose intolerant, and various other special needs.” I hope my forthcoming edit will help avoid any future confusion about this.

    2. Hi there Sarah,First and foremost I would like to think you for the faoulbus site. I know you are putting out your new book, and was wondering if you were going to make it available in a digital format? I just bought a new ipad and use it a lot in the kitchen for recipes and such, and would love to add your book onto it.Thanks again for all the great stuff.Sincerely, Aaron

  2. I have read Robb Wolf, Paleo Solution and Loren Cordain Paleo Answer, find it very interesting, Robb Wolf being a micro biologist and extreme athlete, at times became a little difficult for me to put all the pieces together and understand. I did enjoy both, more Loren Cordain Paleo Answer. I am working on implementing Paleo, but doubt I’ll ever make the 85%. I have notice a slight change in some areas by avoiding the starch, sugar and salt but the beans are difficult to avoid, grain easier and not sure I can ever give up the Bacon, not yet among the 85% but closer than a few months ago. I’ll keep reading and working at it. I like your web-site very much.

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